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Yachting Services

Yachting Services

Since 1985, CAVA HALARI yachting services have successfully covered
all the needs of the guests of a yacht, a sailing boat, or a yacht,
in alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages.
With an advantageous position, in the center of Piraeus, next to the largest marinas in the country, we are ready to serve your every planned or unplanned wish.

From bottled water to fine champagnes
and from simple drinks to the best malt whiskeys or cigars,
we deliver to your boat the essentials for an unforgettable voyage,
whatever the destination.

With endless choices in labels of Greek and international vineyards,
aged wines, and spirits, but also all the necessary ingredients for the preparation of a cocktail, we supply your wine cellar with consistency and excellent quality.

The wide range of beers, soft drinks, and delicatessen,
will undoubtedly take off your experience at sea!

For your order or more information about our services,
contact us at +30 210 4184000 and via email at yachting@cavachalari.gr.