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Our Journey

With a presence that now exceeds 50 years in the field,
CAVA HALARI companies are a constant for wine lovers,
of drinks and their accompaniments!

Omonia square in 1950's
HOW EVERYTHING STARTEDIn 1950, Theodoros and Vasiliki Halari establish the first beverage and wine shop in Piraeus, managing to acquire the Fix beer dealership, No. 1 in beers at that time - it is the beginning of a course that will last for years!
THE NEXT GENERATIONIn 1978, the next generation takes over the reins: Nikolaos and Panagiotis Halaris establish the name CAVA HALARI in the circles of friends of good Greek wine!
77, HADJIKYRIAKOU AVE. n 1985, the store at 77 Chatzikyriakou Ave. opens its operations. At the same time, they start the - pioneering for the time - movement of the Yachting Service, serving numerous private and professional boat owners. At the store, one can find personal and corporate gifts for every occasion, among a wide range of packaging items, all characterized by luxury and high aesthetics, with exclusive collaborations and imports from around the world. The modern approach that is followed, is accompanied by the development of an integrated computer system, aiming at the perfect service of the constantly developing network of partners.
Piraeus Marina Zeas 1980
Late '80s
AKTI MOUTSOPOULOUThe growth of the company continues dynamically, since a few years later follows the -privately owned- store of AKTI MOUTSOPOULOU, the third retail point of the company CAVA HALARI. In the center of Piraeus, just above the marina Zeas, a high value investment is made: a space of more than 300 sq.m., of special architectural value, which hosted the restaurant "Renaissance", is acquired and renovated. The arched openings with stained glass windows are preserved, the oak floors acquire a new shine and the cellar now houses excellent selections of aged wines.
CHARILAOU TRIKOUPI In 2002, the store of Charilaou Trikoupi opens its doors, in a key point in the heart of Athens, and immediately becomes a reference for wine and premium drinks lovers. CAVA HALARI stores host, among other things, wine tastings and seminars by leading sommeliers, fine spirits presentations and tastings of delicatessen products from around the world.
EXPANDING OUR PARTNERSHIPSThe new millennium finds CAVA HALARI with numerous distinctions in the market of wines, beverages and soft drinks, and with continuous awards that place the company in the first place of the public's preference. Having collaborated with the largest estates of the Greek and international vineyard - Ktima Alfa, Ktima Lazaridis, Karavitaki vineyards, Ktima Tselepou, Ktima Apostolaki etc.- and having been the exclusive importer of products such as Laphroaig, Courvoisier, Pommery Champagne, the name "Halaris" is now synonymous with high quality, deep knowledge and excellent service.


With a presence that now exceeds 50 years in the field, CAVA HALARI companies are a constant for friends of wine, drinks, and their accompaniments – in our stores you will find selected wine choices of Greek and international vineyards, fine drinks and spirits, a large list of malt whiskeys, premium spirits, and fine wines, but also products for cocktails, delicatessen, cigars and gift suggestions for every occasion.